lundi, novembre 21, 2005

wsis- was it..

I was lucky to participate to the WSIS.. thinking that I was going to miss it make me feel really lucky.. Almost all the things that was said about it.. was it successful or was it a total failure?.. I don't care.. at least it was for me..
I think that i'm going to change my attitude toward Tounisian civil society organisations.. May be they are not really acting for the good of the cause they are supposed to defend but I can deal with that since they offer opportunities to participate to such of great manifestations all around the world..


Blogger Flying_Monkeys said...

Happy for & for ur participation at the WSIS. I wish you understood that the summit's second phase as depicted by the UN had to focus on
1- Bridging the gap between N & S hemispheres
2- Allowing free access to information.

If the summit was somehow a success about the 1st point, it remains to be seen about the freedom of speech.

Concerning the Tunisian Civil society, I wish you were able to voice your concerns, satisfaction or disappointment of everything in Tunisia.
You probably can say anything you want about the handful of people trying to get you a voice of free speech but I also wish you can live in a country where you can have a minimal access to dissent.
Either in Europe, The States or in Tunisia, grass root organizations always try portray people's voices and that's true patriotism. It's not submission that makes great societies, it's debate, freedom, and dissent. I hope that when a day you get to write an article in your country's newspaper w/o any fear of revenge then you'll remember those few that fought for your freedom.

novembre 21, 2005 8:03 PM

Blogger jrayda said...

FM>> When I said that it was successful for me I didn't mean I consider the summit like successful or some thing.. Not at all.. It was successful for my little person.. I really enjoy it.. that's all..
Anyway I never really believed that things could be soleved by a simple meeting between world wide leaders.. It need just a little more efforts than that..

novembre 22, 2005 1:14 PM

Blogger Flying_Monkeys said...

I am sure the summit was a success for the participants. But, for Tunsiia as a whole and living outside my country I can assure you that no one heard of Tunisia last week in positive terms. Either Americans, Arab americans, europeans, etc...
Besides, I am sorry but it really frustrates me to see people sacrificing their lives for a minimal decency of their countrymen and in the meantime, you think that they might have some kind of agenda.
I am sorry and nothing personal but I think that it is shameful. I hace giving lectures but these people were militants for years and wanted to use the international presence to shed light on the status of the civil society which is almost inexistant.
Good luck

novembre 22, 2005 5:29 PM

Blogger jrayda said...

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novembre 23, 2005 11:54 AM

Blogger jrayda said...

FM >> that's true.. but I don't think that it was à total waste.. Comparing things through the last years can give as a little shadow of hope that things could be better.. we can not and we should not hope to changes mentalities (of the people first of all) as quick as we wish.. it gonna take more time but it gonna be all right (like said BOB M.).. :)

novembre 23, 2005 11:57 AM

Anonymous samitriani said...

How have you succeeded to be part of the organisation team ? Is your school offering that ?

novembre 25, 2005 8:37 AM

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